To write my essay for good debate you should have an interesting topic in mind. In a debate, two opposing sides of a topic are discussed by two parties by presenting logical reasons and examples. It follows a specific structure and one has to be very cautious about the time allotted to them in order to wrap up all their arguments in the given time.

In many schools, debates are included in the non-curricular activities in order to help students to enhance their language, reasoning abilities, knowledge, and confidence. As a debater, you should be able to organize your ideas properly and present them by discussing the most important points first.

Before moving towards topics, you must learn how to write my essay for me. You need to figure out the purpose of your debate. You may come across a lot of topics for debates both general and academic. But we have collected for you some critical debate topics that you may want to learn about. Below are some topics:

  • Should prostitution be legalized?
  • Homosexual marriages should be legalized
  • Abortion is a personal decision and should be allowed
  • States should operate separately from religion
  • Feminism does not represent all women
  • Gender roles should be challenged
  • Countries should adopt protectionist policies to enhance their economy
  • States should operate in isolation to become self-sufficient
  • Animals should not be abused for scientific experiments
  • Capital punishment should be abolished
  • All people around the world should have an equal basic salary
  • Cloning should be legalized
  • Schools should abandon traditional norms like wearing uniforms and assigning homework
  • Sexual education should be a compulsory subject for children in schools
  • The selling of human organs should be legalized
  • States should have the right to make nuclear weapons for deterrence purposes
  • States practicing communism like North Korea should not be isolated
  • Artificial intelligence will uplift humanity
  • Technology is a blessing
  • Human nature is cruel
  • Time is the best teacher
  • Hard work pays off
  • Anonymous social sites be encouraged?
  • Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are new trends
  • Surrogacy should be normalized in all states around the world
  • Single parenting is not toxic
  • Money brings happiness
  • Travelling broadens people’s minds
  • Mental could be improved through religious practices
  • Soul exists
  • Capitalism is exploitative
  • People should be allowed to own guns
  • Cyber-bullying should be addressed through proper legislation
  • States should invest heavy amounts in space missions
  • Kinship should not be allowed in politics
  • Democracies do not follow merit at all

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We hope the above blog was helpful in letting you know about some controversial debate topics that might grab maximum attention from your audience.